A VERY old idea (Peanut Pizza)

18 Jul
I invented this one when I was approximately 5 years old!!!
Peanut Pizza:
Sounds gross, I know, but it’s actually a cookie with marketing potential.  Being 5, I was disuaded from following up with this.  Strangely, the idea stuck with me.
Start with a cookie, maybe a sugar cookie or a Toll House minus chips.  Add caramel or chocolate on the top to represent the pizza sauce.  Now add coconut to represent the cheese.  Now top it off with peanut halves to represent topping.
That is, of course, only a particular variation.  Many other versions (like other versions of actual pizza) can be built with the same premise.  These would need to be taste tested of course.
Now this is one of my inventions I actually managed to try out.  It sucked.  But I am not a very good baker.  With additional experienced resources, this quite possibly turn out to be reasonably marketable.
Not bad for a 5 year old, huh?
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Posted by on July 18, 2007 in General Invention


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