An old idea (Sunvisor)

18 Jul
At 18 (1985), I came up with a 3-piece invention for automobiles.
Main:  Dual-piece sunvisor.  Two sunvisors hinged together, so they could be used independantly from each other, it could be closed to appear as one normal visor, but also open to be used for the windshield and side window.  Both pieces could fold up/out of the way independantly, or closed together.
Extension:  Within the windshield portion of the visor contains a piece of tinted plastic that could be extended to cover additional area up to and including the rear-view mirror.  Behind the rear-view might have been the optimal extended location, or reduced extension.
Additional:  This involves the use of velcro.  The plastic side being on the sunvisor, the soft fuzzy side on multiple sleeves design for common objects (notepad, cigarette packge, pen, etc).  The sunvisor, with a little extra added bulk, could be hollowed slightly for optimal use of this portion of the invention.  It could also be sold seperately as an after-market product.
(Ok, so the picture looks bad, but I hope it helps you envision it).
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Posted by on July 18, 2007 in General Invention


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