New Virtual MMO World Game Idea

26 Jul

Virtual MMO world.  No action, storyline, or anything like that.  Simple virtual world with cafés, stores, mountains, rivers, etc… all like real life.  Mostly for a lobby type of experience for chatting, buying virtual goods, horseback riding, owning a home, a car, etc.

Throw in ‘real’ stores for buying of real life products.  Make it a cool experience in a virtual society.

All of this can be developed in the long run, but the key thing is…

Movie theaters.  People can go into the virtual theaters and watch movies, or at least some movie like behavior displayed.

Allow the virtual people to walk into the screen to join an MMO game.  If they see the theater playing a fantasy theme movie, they walk into the screen to join a fantasy-based MMO game.  The virtual person from the ‘real’ virtual world has the same hair, face, coloration, etc, but now they change clothing to match the theme of the MMO game.

When returning to the same theater, the player continues at the point he/she last left.  But going to another theater starts at the beginning.

Anything that happens in the ‘movies’ that would be a ‘permanent’ thing (scars, tattoos, etc) are still a part of the character when he/she leaves the ‘movie’, but everything else (clothing, items, etc) are left inside… including hitpoint loss (maybe a scar remains).  Leveling up in a particular ‘movie’ could amount to anything from merit badges to additions items that can be taken into multiple movies with possibly different behaviors (ie. an action movie gun taken into a comedy my become a squirt gun).  This part is changeable as the game is built, to increase interest or create better balance.

Available movies:

  • Fantasy (elves, orcs, monsters, etc)
  • Horror (vampires, werewolves, etc)
  • Action (shooters, military, stealthy, 007, etc)
  • SciFi (Star Wars like, futuristic adventure, etc)
  • Dramas (soap operas, real-life-like stories, etc – great attraction for girls/women)
  • Comedy (cartoons – funny in itself, keystone cop-like, etc)
  • Mystery (could be any theme, but rely on figuring out the killer, or escape adventure, etc)
  • Casual/Puzzle (shown as ‘coming attraction previews’ on-screen – or left in the virtual ‘real’ world on café tables or in a library)

As new MMOs are developed, a new movie theater or a ‘now playing’ change on an existing theater, can be made.

Upgrades can add to the virtual ‘real world’ to give more things to do (scuba diving, additional cafés, or whatever-depending on usage/crowding and ideas) that can be added with a server upgrade or whatever.

The general concept is similar to ‘Second Life’ meets ‘World of Warcraft’/’Anarchy Online’/’Battlefield 2’/etc

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Posted by on July 26, 2007 in Computers and Internet


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