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New Strategy Game Perspective

Imagine you are playing a standard strategy game.  Building bases, developing units, etc.  Now slide your perspective down to the ground as if you are standing there as one of the units.  The game has a new perspective, but the direction hasn’t.  You are a field general, commanding the same strategies/deployments/etc as you did before, but now you are a part of it.  Your commands need to go through other officers, and you can witness the deployments first hand.  You have easy access to a map, that is rather similar to what you saw in the standard strategy games, but you point and give orders, and hope the officers know what they are doing.  You yell out commands to the troops, and you can take part in it as well, like a war FPS.
I’ll add additional descriptions of how this will work, as I create them.
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Futuristic MMO (Book/Story Idea)

I’m going to jot down a very short idea, mostly as a placeholder until I have more time.  Additionally, I am still working on the idea, and actually might follow through with writing it, so I don’t want to spoil it.
You are in a very descriptive fantasy scenario, going through a dungeon in search of the treasure and monsters.  Someone dies in your team, and it’s mildly disturbing, but you carry on.  Since the reactions to the death of a close friend is handled so lightly, the reader is left feeling a little confused.  During the contiunued quest with the remaining party, the tension builds up until you reach the boss monster of the dungeon.  At this point, the primary character surprisingly dies.  Fade-out, and there’s a guy climbing out of a futuristic suit, upset that his MMO character died, and probably the entire team.  Calling his team buddies in a group webcam, someone is missing and doesn’t answer.  Later after some additional character descriptions, they go to visit the missing friend, to find he’s dead… still in his MMO suit.  The suit appears a bit different than the standard design, but is shrugged off as insignificant.  Later, they stumble onto information that appears to connect their friend’s death with the MMO suit designer.  There’s the mystery.  Did the suit kill him?  Or, something else?
The story flows through futuristic technology, business, social patterns, and games.  The scenarios will go both in and out of the futuristic MMO world, that is surprisingly realistic.
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