Monthly Archives: February 2017

Recent Ideas and a Facebook Page

I haven’t posted here in ages, obviously, but that doesn’t mean my mind hasn’t been busy all the time.

Firstly, let me share a Facebook link to a page I manage, and add interesting new concepts I stumble on.

Secondly, about 4 or 5 years ago, I thought of a great concept for a home design.  Something that would be modular, interesting, different, and fashionable.  I had just been dragged back to Michigan, removing myself from my career in software, and left homeless and staying with my children.  I spent a lot of time sitting comfortably in my car, and enjoying the quiet alone time.  I had suddenly thought that it would be cool to have homes designed in a hexagonal shape.  Each room could be added on as needed as additional hexagons.  With a preset of a size, each wall could be interchangeable as needed.  Outside wall, inside wall, no wall, etc.  Each corner could click onto other corners and seal the rooms together.  Each piece would easily be made in an inside manufacturing plant, and delivered on site, as stacked slabs, for piecing together. I began to realize a few things. 1. I am not in construction, and know nothing about whether there would be a need for a special foundation, or certain design requirements that houses require.  2. Flooring could be designed hollow, to allow for cabling and/or heating and cooling usage (of which, multiple concepts for design sprung into my head).  3.  Having no money, or resources, I’d be lucky to afford paper & pencils for sketching the design, or sticks & clay for making a model of the designs.

Recently (Feb 2017), I found my idea was already being used.  I haven’t dug into it to see if I created the idea first, or someone else did (not that it matters), but it was more proof that my ideas have merit.  My design is probably more modular, and rearrange-able by the home owner, and the roof design isn’t the same, but it’s similar enough:

Thirdly, I have a couple of software/game designs running through my head.  One is a space-based storyline.  The other is more of a top-down AI heavy conceptual with little to no user input.  Both are based in a build your civilization to survive, type games.

The first, without going into a ton of detail, is you’re stranded on another planet, and you need to figure out the plant and animal life, to decide what’s edible, and what’s usable for building materials, as well as dealing with nature/weather, and organizing your people and resources.

The second, is more of a highly detailed way to build a working economy, with tools, food, shelter, available AI people growth and their skill development… all without directly interacting with the people, but just by helping design buildings.

Fourthly, I have a book novel (series?) idea.  I’m not going to go into any details about it, because it’s the likeliest idea that might become a reality… and I don’t want to spoil it.  I’m having difficulties in actually getting it down, as I keep getting stuck on words that I want to use, but can’t quite reach them in my brain (LOL).  Getting old is frustrating.  I’ve designed a decent outline, and I actually started shopping around for an author that might be interested in doing the actual writing… but nothing came of it, so far.  Most all authors already have their ideas, and aren’t looking for more.  So I guess ghost writing isn’t working, and I’ll have to muddle through it myself.

Lately, I’ve been spending my creative time in clay, making miniatures, and investigating how to expand that into larger projects.  I’m not heavily into it, but it’s nice to have actual results, rather than ideas that never go anywhere.